10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bugatti

bugatti is one of the most highlyacclaimed luxury car brands in the worldusing a model of supercharged cars andlimited releases the brand has gained adevout following celebrities fromexhibit to Birdman and Floyd Mayweatherall own one of these legendary vehiclesbut few people know about the historyand trivia that surround the famedautomaker today we are exploring 10interesting facts about Bugattithe Bugatti Sheeran is a marvel ofengineering the most recent model wenton the market with a limited run of 500vehicles of these 250 sold outimmediatelywithout so much as a test-drive thatmeans that Bugatti raked in 650 milliondollars in a single day without anyadvertising or overhead Bugatti plans toproduce around 70 cars per year meaningthe company is prepped for seven yearsof production with the first threecustomer cars leaving the BugattiAtelier mall Shane France in 2016 so thefactory will be busy for many years withthis last order but what exactly makesthese cars so expensive and timeintensive to produce a huge part of theequation are the 10 radiators installedin every model the standard car only hasone but the sheer on requires 10 inorder to keep the 1200 horsepower enginecool then consider that these highlycomplicated radiators take 15 hours eachto bill that means that a single carwill require 150 skilled man-hours justto build its radiators no wonder thefactory will be backed up for decades tocomethough many customers will need to waitfive years or more to receive theirvehicles the weight will well be worthitthe bugatti veyron is one of thesleekest sports cars on the roadit also has incredible mechanical specspriced at one point four million dollarsconsumers expect this car to performwell and they won’t be disappointedthe Veyron broke the world record forthe fastest street-legal car in theworld with a top speed of 267 miles perhour in an average top speed of 254miles per hour but in order to reachthese speeds the Veyron is guzzling fuellike a rocket the car only gets alaughable 10 miles per gallon that meansyou’ll need to fuel up every 100 mileshowever the 10 miles per gallon assumethat motorists are driving along innormal highway speeds if you’re usingthe full potential of the Veyron andreaching top speeds the tank will onlylast you a measly eight minutes suddenly267 miles per hour doesn’t sound asappealing if you need to drive back tothe gas station after only five minutesobviously this is bad for both yourwallet and the environment but it’sgenerally accepted that Bugattis are notmeant to be used as an everyday commutercar obviously Bugatti is one of thebiggest names in automobiles but founderEttore Bugatti was fascinated with alltypes of luxury vehicles he startedthinking about airplanes before WorldWar 1 and in 1915 designed his firstaviation engine this first straight-8engine was later developed into a u16the license of which was sold to the USa series of engines was also beingstarted within France after a series ofsuccessful engines Bugatti was ready totake on his own aircraftthere was only one Bugatti model 100pever produced and it never had anofficial flight with the outbreak of ww2and the imminent fall of Paris Bugattihad the aircraft disassembled and hiddenon his estate Bugatti died in 1947having never resumed work on it theaircraft remained in storage throughoutworld war ii it was sold several timesand its twin bugatti 50p engines wereremoved for automotive restorations in1971 a restoration effort was startedthe aircraft was stored by the NationalMuseum of the United States Air Forcethen transferred to the EAA AirVenturemuseum collection where restoration wascompleted and it remains there on staticdisplaybugatti knows that their brand issynonymous with opulence and expensivefeatures that’s why they’ve rolled outseveral models with real diamonds inlaidin the hardware their controversialmarble exterior sheeran placed a singlediamond on each of the speakers inaddition to the speedometer however thecar was extremely divisive with a 2.6million dollar price tag many thoughtthat the new she run was gaudy andclassless it turns out that Bugattiinstalled the diamonds and the speakersas a unique way to deal with audiointerference the development wasprompted by a Fraunhofer Instituteresearch paper investigating theacoustic advantages of diamonds whoseconclusion was that membranes made ofCBD diamond enable audio frequencies ofup to 100 kilohertz to be transmittedvalues that are not achievable with anyother material human hearing doesn’textend above 20 kilohertz but diamondsevidently do have qualities that aredesirable for achieving superiorreproduction of sound whatever thereason the Sheeran sold very poorly manywere critical of the garish marblepattern and cheesy features some thoughtthat the diamond motif was too muchwhile others felt that didn’t go farenoughregardless Bugatti has ceased productionof this model meaning that the marbleshiron belongs to only a handful ofcollectors only time will tell if theyappreciate in value and mystique mostpeople recognize Bugatti vehicles fortheir sleek design and refinedaesthetics but few people know that theBugatti family has a rich history andfine arts and functional art it allbegan with Carlo Bugatti the patriarchof the family born in Milan in 1856 andeducated in France he was particularlyenamored with the Art Nouveau movementthat was in vogue at the time ArtNouveau was inspired by natural formsand often uses floral motifs andcolorful templates his discipline wasmainly art nouveau furniture though hewas also known as a painter and designerof jewelry and silver tableware Carlosson Rembrandt was equally talented hewas a sculptor specializing in animalscast in bronze living in Belgium in theearly 1900’s he would arrive early inthe day of menageries like the AntwerpZooin fashion animal likenesses while thecreatures were most active all thebetter to capture them in motion andthen there was red Moretz brother at orhe had the same creativity an eye fordesign the only difference is that hismedium was the automobile he startedbuilding cars in his basementstarting with the titan racecar andworking up to such classic cars as theRoyale and the type 57 an outsideobserver might think that a tourdeviated from his family’s artisticbackground but in truth he carried ontheir careerthe Veyron may be the best known of theBugatti family but the sheer on is aclose second recently it was criticizedfor the design of its front grille theBugatti she run used to have a frontgrille made of aluminum the samematerial used to make the cars bodyworkhowever like jet engines the car startedto have problems with bird strikes at atop speed of 249 miles per hour birdswould simply smash straight through thegrille and end up wedged in the radiatorleaving the front end of the car dentedand damaged later sheer on models nowhave a titanium grille which is toughenough to withstand any altercation witha winget adversary there were otherproblems with hawks and endangered birdsof prey dying in the grille of the carprompting the question is a worthkilling wildlife for a 10-minute joyridewho Gotti has since adapted its buildingmaterials to something more sturdy butbirds and stray animals are still indanger of losing their lives at the noseend of a bugatti chiron of course thisis an issue that has plagued Airlinesfor decades but rarely affectstraditional vehiclesbugatti is a household name known formillion-dollar sports cars andunbelievable designs few people wouldassociate bugatti with practicalutilitarian models like a facade or abeetle but the fact is Lou Gotti hasbeen owned by Volkswagen since 1998after found a retort bugatti passed awayin 1947 the company was mismanaged andfell on hard times the last officialappearance of the company as anindependent business was at the 1952Paris Motor Show believe it or not atthis point Bugatti went totally bankruptand ceased operations for several yearsuntil it was acquired by a millionaireinvestor Roman RTO Lee who eventuallysold the failing brand to Volkswagensince then Volkswagen has developed mostof the iconic bugatti cars including theVeyron and the relationship has beensymbiotic volkswagen makes far more fromits luxury brands such as lamborghiniAudi and Bentley than it does under itsown imprint the luxury brands have alsobeen insulated from Volkswagens recentstring of public folk pas as most peopledon’t associate the brands this is goodfor Volkswagens bottom line because astheir core business suffers bugattihasn’t recently kept their companysolvent

as we’ve established the Veyrons engineis nothing to joke aboutthis supercharged car has a number oftricks up its sleevebut perhaps most impressive is theturbocharged engine who Gotti pulled offa miracle with their w16 engine becauseit packs more than 1000 horsepower intoa compact frame the specs are prettyimpressive maximum power output is 736kilowatts at 6000 revolutions per minutewith a maximum torque of 1,250 Newtonmeters from 2200 to 5500 revolutions perminuteessentially the turbocharger works bypressuring the engine cylinders thoughthey can pack more air inside the moreair inside the cylinder the more fuel itcan combust but tragedy struck in 2001when one of the engines 16 cylindersburst at the veyron factory burning itto the ground though no one was harmedit proves just how temperamental theseengines can truly be many hobbyistsgripe that you cannot make any DIYrepairs to Bugattis but part of theequation is liability Bugatti worriesthat an amateur mechanic could burst acylinder or worse causing serious injury

one of the most infamous sports cars inthe world the Bugatti Veyron islegendary for its one-of-a-kindperformance the Veyron is a car builtaround an engine essentially bugattimade the decision to blow the doors offthe supercar world by creating a 1,000horsepower engine everything elsefollows from that resolution in terms ofspecs the Veyron has a top speed of 250miles per hour at zero the 60 time of 3seconds 0 to 180 time of 14 seconds anda price tag somewhere in the 1.2 milliondollar rangethe limited run vehicle only existed forone generation of production the firstcar was produced in 2004 in the last in2014luxury car makers count on these limitedruns to drive up the price of cars overtime as they become rare collectorsitemsbut Veyron is no exception as hobbyistbegan to soup up their wheels these carswill easily be worth multiple millionsof dollars according to one of theVeyrons designers the biggest challengein creating the Bey ron was theaerodynamics how do you keep a 250 mileper hour passenger car on the road theVeyrons dimensions helped to some extentthe car is 79 inches wide 176 incheslong and only 48 inches high keep inmind that a Hummer too is 80 1.2 incheswide the Bugatti is extremely wide for atight the underside of the Veyron like aFormula One car is streamlined inventuri shaped to increase downforcethere’s also a wing in the back of theVeyron that extends automatically athigh speed to increase downforce andkeep the car glued to the road with therest of the cars risks Bugatti couldn’tdeal with any more liability

as we’ve already established Bugattisturbocharged engines are an accidentwaiting to happen and in 1939 that riskbecame a reality while testing one ofthe vehicles a cylinder burst causingthe rest of the engine to ignite becausethe cars requires so much fuel to go anormal distance they’re a veritable bombthe driver was killed instantly and thetrack sustained serious damageultimately there was only one fatalitybut the accident sent a clear messageprecision is paramount with Bugatti orit can be deadlyhowever at or was clear that he waswilling to take serious risks in thepursuit of greatness in the end he builta world-class car

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